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Franchise Loan

Buying into a franchise can be an extremely lucrative investment. Early adopters of a strategically positioned franchise often enjoy substantial financial rewards by joining a proven revenue-generating model. However, the initial financial commitment can be significant, covering both the establishment and out fitting of the franchise, in addition to fees payable to the franchisor. A Franchise Loan offers a solution to manage these initial costs, easing the burden on personal finances or assets.

A Franchise Loan can be used to:

1. Starting or Purchasing a New Location
2. Fit Out, Refurbishing or Extending an Outlet
3. Purchasing an Existing Franchise Business

4. Leveraging off Equity in an Existing Franchise Business to Purchase a New Site

Discover our flexible Franchise Loan options, enabling you to invest in either a new or established franchise and start enjoying the benefits of a well-established business with a recognized brand presence. Contact a specialist at HSD Finance today for additional information.

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Let us help you to maximise your Home Loan approval.

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