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Investment Properties


Our expertise isn’t limited to home loans but also to an investment property as well. We help our clients to maximise their properties values so that their wealth grows continuously. Our friendly Finance team members are very much dedicated and dynamic towards new ideas and solutions for our clients.

Investment loans come from all types, they can be:
Conventional mortgage loan: a loan for residential property that is not guaranteed by the government and is banks or lenders to offer for real estate investment purpose, it is optimal for clients that have higher credit scores
Granny flat loan: secure loans for building a granny flat over the backyard to obtain additional rental income each week
Fix-and-flip loan: the purpose of this loan is for investors quickly refurbishes the property and sell it to the market in a short term. The repayment period can be very short and may face higher interest rates than normal
Commercial investment loans: a leveraged loan for business users to expand their interests, literally speaking, the property is suitable for industrial, commercial or retail purposes and shall not be used for residential purpose. HSD Finance reminds investors to check with the local council on zone planning as well as legal and financial advice since purchasing commercial property typically involves sustainable investment,
We help to secure loans from $10,000 to $25,000,000 and over, having 30+ best price packages with attractive features to choose from. We don’t compromise with weak lenders. Therefore, all our dealing packages are very much innovative to maximise our client's borrowing capacity. 

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Let us help you to maximise your Home Loan approval.

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